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Keeping accurate financial records is a crucial element of running a successful business. But, do transactions in accounting software automatically equate to achieving maximum profitability? No! A thorough analysis of these reports by qualified professionals is necessary to ensure real-time understanding of cash flow and readiness for potential future challenges. Choose Alfano & Company to handle your business accounting, payroll, and sales tax and turn reports into relevant, invaluable information!


Whether you’re an individual or a business it is critical that your tax returns are filed correctly and in a timely fashion. Today’s software makes it easy to file your own return, but are you sure you’re not missing deductions and paying the government too much? If you hired a paid preparer last year are you confident they had a comprehensive view of your entire tax situation in order to ensure accurate reporting? When you come to Alfano & Company for the first time we’ll review your last 2 years’ tax returns at no cost to confirm nothing was missed. We love what we do! Choose Alfano & Company to prepare your income tax return and feel confident with every filing!


The financial aspect of running a business involves far more than monthly bookkeeping and filing correct income tax returns. At Alfano & Company, our greatest strength lies in helping our clients understand their numbers, setting strategic goals and developing comprehensive strategies for improving their businesses. When we work with our clients we teach them how to identify which business activities will help them achieve their goals and collaborate with them to monitor their progress. Choose Alfano & Company and find an experienced, proactive advisor to guide you!

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