“I used to dream of the life that I have now.”

Can you relate? Have you ever been so in awe of how far you’ve come to accomplish your personal goals?

Rosie Reyes has. She has truly found joy in her journey and we are excited share parts of her journey in our latest Team Spotlight!

Her Dream

“I always remind myself of the time when I moved from California to New York,” Rosie reflects. “Those memories Rosie Reyes with scarfhelp me to be grateful and proud of my accomplishments. It also inspires me to continue to work on my future goals. Sometimes they’re closer than you think.”

Rosie often dreamed of experiencing autumn on the east coast– viewing the changing colors of the fall foliage while cupping a warm, usually caffeinated, beverage and wearing the most comfy and trendy seasonal attire.

When Rosie finally decided to make the move, her dreams quite literally came true.

Dream Turned Reality

Rosie has been part of the Alfano & Company team as an administrative assistant since 2019. Although working in the field of tax preparation is no easy feat, she has managed to remain a positive and productive force through it all. How? Simply stated, she puts in the work.

She tells us, “I try to be very perceptive and communicative. This prevents discrepancies within the office and when dealing with clients.” It’s obvious to all on the team that Rosie is very to attune the needs of our clients – she usually won’t end her workday until all of their concerns are addressed!

Outside of work is where Rosie’s dream has really taken shape. Multiple times a week she engages in a volunteer work that has morphed into a passion of hers. “I have been learning American Sign Language for twosign language "I love You" years now. Communicating with the Deaf is truly a beautiful thing and they’re my happiness throughout the week. My volunteer work is also very special to me. It is part of my weekly schedule which definitely contributes to my happiness. Without this special routine, I have no doubt that everything in my life would fall apart.”

Rosie’s dream would not be complete without autumn in New England. Now Rosie gets to enjoy the full fall experience as she enjoys exploring various brunch spots in Greenwich on the weekends.

Like Rosie, you too may be in awe of where you are now and all that you’ve accomplished. But there is likely more in store for you and your business. If you’d like to learn of ways that you can potentially grow your business, schedule your complimentary consultation at reception@alfanocpa.com. Rosie or one of our additional administrative assistants would love to get you started on your new journey to business growth!