Bragging rights are at stake. Only one team can win.

Each year, Alfano & Company hosts a series of events, known as Office Olympics, designed to put our employees’ skills to the test. Our knowledge of tax terms, bookkeeping principles, and customer relations etiquette is assessed in the form of popular game shows and real-life simulations. But for two-time Office Olympics champion Nicky Caceres, it’s not just all fun and games.

Work Hard

Nicky’s welcoming nature and client relations expertise positions her as uniquely versatile. While she assists with client administration, data entry, and supplies management, her primary role is as a bookkeeper. Using QuickBooks, she records financial transactions and produces balance sheets, income statements, and other financial documents. Keeping customer interests at the forefront Nicky also creates spreadsheets to assist clients in classifying transactions and to further their understanding of their financials and what that means for their business in the real world.

Nicky joined our team with prior customer service experience, but her skills in other areas have been sharpened as a result of thorough in-house training. Nicky shares, “At Alfano & Company, we are constantly being trained to be better at our jobs. We have weekly meetings to go over new accounting concepts and laws. We also have presentations made by fellow coworkers that are meant to make our office as efficient as possible.”

As you likely can tell, we’re all about collaborating in order to better assist our clients. Meditating on this moved Nicky to say, “I love working with my fellow coworkers. We truly are like a family; thus providing our clients with the best service possible.”

Play Hard

Outside of the office, Nicky dabbles in all sorts of activities! She’s musically inclined and wonderfully gregarious, so you’ll likely find her at a concert, singing to Karaoke, or playing the viola. Equally, though, Nicky  savors time to herself — designing arts and crafts, planning party decor, and drawing. Without a doubt, she’s a jack of all trades, both in and out of the office.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of having Nicky as your bookkeeper, contact us!