“Change is the only constant in life.” – Heroclitus of Ephesus 

As much as we’d love for certain aspects of our life to remain the same, change is inevitable. But even though change gets a bad rap at times, it can be good!  Evelyn Guaman, a long time member of the Alfano & Company team, can attest to that! She’s experienced a lot of big, but beneficial changes since joining our team in 2015. Through it all, she’s remained a loyal, trustworthy, and industrious team member, which is why this week, we turn the spotlight on Evelyn! 


Changes at the Office

Evelyn first role at Alfano & Company involved working with data entry. This required that she organize, scan, and input all tax documents that entered our office during tax season. After that first tax season, Evelyn began to take on another role – bookkeeper. As a bookkeeper, Evelyn works with several clients creating reconciliation reports, managing payroll, filing quarterly taxes, paying bills, etc. She even assists our admin team with several projects. 

Evelyn’s role continued to expand during the 2017 tax season when she began working as a tax preparer. What helped Evelyn to undertake all these changing assignments? She says, “The person-to-person training helped me the most. Because we support and help each other, we are always able to learn something new.” As a staff accountant, Evelyn is now able to assist and train newer members of the team as their roles broaden as well! 


The Biggest Change of All!

If you think you know Evelyn Guaman, but her last name’s just not ringing a bell, you’re not crazy – it’s changed, too! Earlier this year, Evelyn got married! Now as a couple, Evelyn and her husband enjoy so many different activities, such as going to the movies, relaxing on the beach, traveling (as most of the A&C team does), and dancing! The most important work they enjoying doing together, though, is their Bible education volunteer work. Since 2010, Evelyn has especially enjoyed assisting the deaf community in this way. She’s fluent in four languages, including both Ecuadorian Sign Language and American Sign Language! 

Evelyn is no doubt one of our most adaptable team members! But in all honesty, we have a pretty great accounting team. If you’d like more information on how we could help you with your accounting needs and make the CHANGE over to us, click here.