Everyone loves a good productivity hack. Especially now that much of the population is working from home, we could all benefit from a tip or philosophy that helps us to stay on track and get tasks done.

Denise Lucia Melgarejo, one of our newest staff accountants, recently shared the foundation of her productivity mindset with us. The phrase, originally coined by Napoleon, reads:

“Dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry.”Denise travelling

Upon first glance, the statement sounds like a conundrum. But Denise explains, “When we try to do things fast to move to the next task in our schedule we tend to make mistakes and we end up doing things twice. Sometimes not over-scheduling our day gives each task its place and helps me to be organized and accurate in whatever I do.”

Denise no doubt lives by that simple yet profound method at work with Alfano & Company. She’s had over a decade to perfect her organizational skills while working as an office manager and Senior Accountant with another accounting firm. We’re grateful that in 2019 she took her expertise to Old Greenwich to assist clients like you!

About Denise

Denise & CarlosYou may be surprised to discover that you already know her husband, Carlos De La Torre, who is also part of the Alfano & Company team! Together they share both the joys of exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Argentina and share the pressures that come with working at an accounting firm during tax season. During that hectic season, Denise is sure to carve out some much-needed quality time with her family.

Come autumn, you will likely find Denise out for a walk, taking in as much sunshine as she can before the winter sets in. And like most of us in the Northeast, Denise is enthralled by the warm colors and scents of the falling leaves.

And there is one thing Denise enjoys regardless of the season she’s in – ICE CREAM! If you ever want to make Denise’s day, a banana split will do the trick!

A Valued Team Member

We are truly fortunate to have Denise on our team, and we’re glad she feels the same!

“I enjoy the company of the team. Although we are working remotely due to the circumstances, we have regular meetings that remind us that we are working as a team. They are all very collaborative so we can count on each other.”

If you want a trustworthy, personable team that has your best interests at heart, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Denise and the rest of us at Alfano & Company would love to work with you.