Darcy Stone has been one of Alfano & Company’s top staff accountants since late 2019.

While his title involves preparing individual, partnership, corporate, trust, estate, non-profit, and gift-tax returns, Darcy prefers to extend special kindnesses to our clients that go beyond mere tax preparation.

Do the Kind Thingdarcy and wife

Darcy was once told, “If you’re ever in a difficult situation where you can’t decide what to do or how to handle it, do the kind thing.”

How has Darcy applied this sage advice?

He tells us, “While most of my time is spent on preparation, I enjoy researching unique tax issues and providing feedback for tax planning. This is a very satisfying part of my role because I really enjoy helping our clients plan to maximize their tax benefits under current tax code.”

This is especially noteworthy considering the huge variety of tax scenarios faced by our very niche clientele. Darcy enjoys becoming “familiar with some of these obscure situations” in order to provide the best, and kindest, service to our clients.

About Darcy

Darcy has an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) in accounting and has continued his education with more field specific training in a variety of areas over the years. He’s also handled the financial accounts associated with his volunteer work that has helped him to “be precise and identify and correct areas of concern” with regards to financial situations.

Darcy’s kind nature extends beyond the office, too!

Darcy and wife“My wife Shannon and I have always enjoyed volunteering together. We first met volunteering on a disaster relief project in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. The words ‘there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving’ have helped shape our life today. We’ve both been greatly enriched by spending our time to help others.”

His kind, volunteer spirit has motivated him to assist in the building of a school in Peru, the rebuilding of homes in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida after hurricanes and teaching in Indonesia & Singapore.

darcy and wife in asia

Regarding these experiences, Darcy says, “They have taught me to balance being people-oriented and policy-oriented. That’s helped me in a professional environment.”

As you can likely already tell, Darcy loves exploring new places and new foods in different parts of the world. He often prefers to go “off the tourist path” to learn from and understand many different types of people.

Want To Work With Darcy?

Who wouldn’t want to grab a coffee with Darcy after reading this?!

Getting along with your tax preparer can be crucial to the financial success of your business. It should be their priority to serve you in the best way possible!

One of our clients said it best: “I am strongly connected to my accountant. It is one of the most important parts of my business and my future is in his hands. The trust and loyalty has to be 100%.”

We want you feel confident that Darcy and the rest of the team can successfully manage AND up-level your business through thorough tax planning, tax preparation, and bookkeeping. So schedule your complimentary consultation at reception@alfanocpa.com or click here for other ways to contact us!