If you couldn’t tell, we really like our team. A LOT. Although we are now working dozens, and at times hundreds, of miles apart, we’re still able to work cohesively.


While our high-tech at-home set ups help, it’s really our carefully selected and hardworking team members that make Alfano & Company the small business that it is.

Chris Johnson is the latest addition to our ever-growing team. While we haven’t been able to give Chris a proper welcome at our physical office location just yet, we wanted to introduce you to our newest staff accountant!

About Chris

Chris has recently married and is now a “Connecticuter” like most of the team. While most of us dread these winter months, Chris embraces the season. As a self-proclaimed “reflective thinker”, he prefers to use the cold winter months as a time to pause and reflect. During this time, he cozies up with a chai tea, vanilla-scented candles, and some of his favorite music – who wouldn’t like to spend the winter like that?

Outside of the office, Chris enjoys making music and song writing, as well as Japanese Pop music and Anime.

But what really sets Chris apart from the rest of the team? He. Doesn’t. Drink. Starbucks.

But regardless of our differences, we truly enjoy working with him!

Our Right Hand Man

Chris’ couldn’t have joined our team at a better time! As we make our way through tax season, tax projects come through our office by the dozen. To keep up with the demand, Chris skillfully organizes your tax information before they even reach the tax preparers. This organization and attention to detail ensures that your tax preparer can efficiently and expeditiously complete your tax return.

Outside of tax season, Chris is also a great support to our team in his assistance with other accounting projects. He is truly the definition of an indispensable, right hand man!

We’re happy to share expeditiously that Chris enjoys working at Alfano & Company just as much as we enjoy having him! He tells us, “I love the fact that I’m able to work from home. And honestly I appreciate the feeling of having a team behind you.”

As you can tell, a supportive team is a successful team. Because we are dedicated to this belief, you reap the benefits! Clients like you are our top priority and we do our best to exceed your expectations with our tax, accounting, and advisory services. If you enjoy working with us, feel free to leave us a review here! And don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in any of our services.