“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” 
-Abraham Lincoln

How do you make your life count? 

By the way you spend your time? Or is it who you spend it with? 

This ideology is one that Carlos De La Torre, a member of Alfano & Company’s hardworking staff accountants, lives by every day. 

His Years

Carlos began training with Alfano & Company in June 2019 and became an official team member in October. Prior to joining us, he pursued an accounting-focused education, which then enabled him to spend five years working in an accounting department with another business.

These well spent years have provided him with specialized training that helps him “keep the best interests of the client in mind in order for them to get the maximum out of the services we provide, as well as the maximum tax benefits available.” Carlos has been the epitome of a diligent and industrious worker, especially as the Covid-19 pandemic raged on, during which he conscientiously ensured that every one of his clients was accounted for in receiving the relief they needed. 

The Life in His Years

What adds life to Carlos’ work? He believes it is both the people around him and the experiences he has with them. 

He tells us, “I enjoy helping clients to save money and to get their books in order. But the thing I most enjoy are all the people I work with. They are all caring positive and wonderful people. The flexible schedule also allows me to do the things I love, like travel.”

And that he does! As all of our team members are avid travelers, Carlos fit right in! One of his adventures involved a one-month road trip through the vast landscapes of northern Argentina, northern Chile, and southern Bolivia. But the thrills don’t end there. 

“On our honeymoon,” Carlos relates, “instead of going to a beach, my wife and I got certified to scuba dive in the open ocean and then went into the mountains to do cave exploring. The cave exploring involved us crawling through small crevices to get to different chambers and avoid falling through holes in the dark which would have meant falling 120 feet.” 

But don’t be fooled! While Carlos’ adventurous nature may at times have him galivanting to new places, he also occupies himself by selflessly assisting others with volunteer work. He tells us, “I am involved in a worldwide educational work that has helped me to better myself and the lives of others. It has helped me to be more patient, more understanding, more considerate, and communicate better. In doing so I have had the privilege of working side by side with people from all over the world. These good effects have bled into the rest of my life and have made me a more dedicated worker.” 

Carlos’ benevolent attitude is what makes him a treasured addition to the Alfano & Company team. 

If you’d like to benefit from Carlos’ detail-oriented bookkeeping and accounting skills, or any of the other tax and advisory services we provide, simply contact us! We can set you up with a complimentary consultation with Alfano & Company’s founder and CPA, David Alfano. We hope to hear from you!