Alfano & Company strives to provide our business clients with personalized service to help you know not only where you are, but where you are going. This is made possible by amazing team members and their unique talents. Cynthia Borda is one of these invaluable team members whom we’d like to shine our spotlight on.

Cynthia handles the bookkeeping for a broad range of clients from a variety of industries- restaurants to construction companies. This helps her understand the ins and outs of how successful businesses operate. Cynthia breaks down for us specifically what her work entails: “I analyze different reports. The most common…include reconciliation reports, profit & loss [reports], and balance sheets. When I analyze reports I make sure everything is classified properly…I also compare the reports to last year to make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary.”

Her keen interest in each individual client helps her be able to advise in the most effective manner. Cynthia’s degree in accounting helps her daily as she says,  “I understand why I am classifying financial transactions in a certain way or creating a journal entry. I understand the reason [behind]what I do. This helps me to better explain and answer any questions that [my] clients may have.” With her background and keen eye, she is able to see when adjustments can be made to aid in a businesses’ success.

Cynthia also prides herself in having an active share in a volunteer worldwide educational work. What effect has volunteering had on her? It  has helped her to be a diligent worker, who is both dedicated and thorough. This volunteer work affords Cynthia the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people. As she explains, “This has helped me to learn how to communicate better with the clients and to [cater]to their needs.” We can certainly see these traits in the way Cynthia interacts with her bookkeeping clients.

Where is Cynthia when she’s not comparing reports or volunteering? She’s probably on a plane! Cynthia loves to travel! This summer she enjoyed visiting Argentina to spend time with friends and attend a wedding. Cynthia says, “I love [traveling]. It gives me the opportunity to taste other cultures by means of food,  art, architecture, and history.” We wish Cynthia safe travels as she continues to expand her horizons and explore the world!

We appreciate Cynthia for being a dependable, hard-working team member at Alfano & Company. Does your business need a dependable bookkeeper like our very own Cynthia? Please contact us! We’d love to meet you.