You’ve filed your tax return, so the countdown to receiving your refund begins!

Here’s what you should know as you eagerly anticipate its arrival.

What should happen:

Your refund should be on its way soon! The government typically issues refunds within 4-8 weeks.

If your refund will be directly deposited into your account, it’s likely you’ll receive it sooner than if you request a paper check to be mailed to you instead.

What could happen:

Sometimes, refunds can be issued even before 4 weeks. But pleasant surprises like this are rare, so don’t get too excited!

On the other hand, if your return is being paper filed or is an amended return, it could take more than 12 weeks for your refund to arrive, especially if it’s a busy time of the year!

There’s also another possibility – if you’re required to pay estimated tax payments for the current year, your refund might have been applied forward to cover some or all of next year’s estimated tax payments. But fear not! This is actually beneficial, as it’s much more convenient to have the refund applied forward instead of waiting for the refund to arrive and then immediately writing a check to the government. However, if you prefer to receive your refund now or don’t believe you will owe estimates this year, we can make this adjustment in the return only if the return has not yet been filed.

What you can do:

  • Keep the date your taxes were filed in mind should your refund take longer than expected to arrive.
  • To track your refund, click below:

Unfortunately, there’s no hard and fast way to determine the ETA of your refund. If after considering each of the above scenarios, you still haven’t received your refund, contact our office to see how we can assist.