There’s no denying it – tax time is stressful.

If you’ve never used our firm to prepare your tax return before or haven’t sent in your 2020 tax information yet, your mind may be flooded with questions:

Upon providing us with your tax information, though, you may ask:

  • When will my tax return be completed?

In anticipation of the latter question, please be mindful of the following reminders:

What To Do

  • Drop off your tax information early. We prepare returns in the order in which we receive them; the sooner you send us your information, the quicker your tax return will be completed.
  • Provide complete tax information! Ensure that all of your forms are provided when you originally dropped off your documents using our dropbox (located outside of our office) or uploaded them to our portal. If we have all the information needed to prepare your return, we will be able to process your return faster.
  • Wait patiently. Yes, you will have to wait some time before we can completely enter your tax information, determine and request any missing information, compute your taxes, and thoroughly review your tax return. As we know that waiting can be difficult, especially when you’re expecting a hefty tax refund check, we have instituted a 2-week turnaround time.
  • Provide any requested missing information. If you didn’t provide everything at the start of this process, be on the lookout for an email from one of our staff accountants where they may request some additional information, missing tax forms, or answers to pertinent questions. The quicker we receive your answers, the quicker you receive your refund!
  • Know who to contact. If you feel the need to request an update on the status of a return, email reception@alfanocpa.com. This will be the fastest and most efficient way to receive a response.

What Not To Do

  • When missing information is requested, do not send confidential information, such as social security numbers or banking information, via email. Use our secure portal, which you can access here, or drop off your documents to our dropbox outside of our office.

If you’d like to use us to complete your 2020 taxes, contact our office as soon as possible!