Whether your business is thriving or diving, your accountant should be your closest financial ally. They can help you better understand where your business is at financially, provide you with the necessary tools to help you manage it currently, and guide you as your business grows. That means instead of spending countless hours doing your own accounting, you’ll be taking charge of your business like the entrepreneur you are.



There are several points in the year during which it’d be beneficial for you to consider making the switch.

Beginning of fiscal year

Each new fiscal year wipes the slate clean for your business. There should be little to no backed accounting work to do, so your accountant can truly give your business a fresh start.

End of fiscal year

At the end of your business’s fiscal year you can provide your new accountant with a whole year of financial activity to analyze in preparation for the following fiscal year.

After Filing Taxes

Your completed tax return creates a clear and concise picture of your financials, which will help your new accountant familiarize him/herself with various facets of your business. And since you would have just prepared all of your tax documents for your return, it’ll be easier for you to provide an accountant with any needed information.

Before Filing taxes

Having an expert on your side before tax season begins will undoubtedly reduce the stress you’ll experience when it comes time to file your taxes.

Basically, ASAP

The sooner you contact a reliable and trustworthy accounting professional, the sooner you can get back to running your business stress-free.



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