E-filing your tax return means submitting your tax returns electronically as opposed to mailing a paper copy of your return to the taxing authorities. In 2020, approximately 97% of returns were e-filed and that value is only expected to increase in 2022. In fact in Connecticut, any preparer that files more than 50 returns in a year is required to e-file ALL returns. At Alfano & Company, we have been e-filing returns for over a decade! Here’s why you can be sure that e-filing is the way to go!


Submitting your return electronically means no shuffling paper forms, stuffing envelopes, double-checking addresses, paying for postage, or waiting in line at the post office. Imagine how many trees we’re saving!

With a click of a button your return will be transmitted directly to the IRS and any state taxing authorities, and at Alfano & Company we’ll even take care of that step that on your behalf, as soon as you submit your signed e-file authorization forms to our firm.


Once your tax information is entered into online software, the numbers automatically get crunched for you. The software will even double-check the numbers prior to submission to ensure accuracy.


It usually takes the IRS approximately 1 or 2 days to process e-filed returns. As soon as your return get accepted we receive a notification and can let you know. No more wondering for weeks on end if the IRS will reject your tax return. Even better than that: the faster your return is processed, the faster you can receive your refund!


The data in an e-filed return is encrypted to prevent it from being stolen. You don’t have to worry about your return ending up in the wrong hands.

Although the e-filing process is relatively easy, tax preparation is no easy task – especially if you find yourself in a complicated tax situation. The team at Alfano & Company would love to assist you with your taxes this year. Contact us if you’d like us to prepare and e-file your tax return!