CPA or No CPA? That is The Question!

It’s tax filing time! The average Joe is dreading this time of year. Many important decisions need to made so as to not upset Uncle Sam, and at the same time, the quicker, easier and least painful the process, the better.  There are dozens of online tax preparation services, corner store tax prep businesses and the elite CPA firm in town. How do you know what is the right move for your personal taxes and or business taxes?

We are a successful CPA Firm in Old Greenwich, CT. We have clients nationwide and pride ourselves in providing personalized hands on service to all types of clients who have a wide variety of tax and financial situations. Wait! This is not an advertisement! We just want to make it clear who we are, and that we understand we are not for everyone. The wise course is to examine your needs and budget and then make the best choice for yourself.

The Examination

Ask yourself, ‘What are my needs?’ Do you need just simple tax preparation for yourself and family members? Or do you have various trusts, businesses of various entities and maybe an unresolved tax issue? These basic questions will help you determine if you trust yourself to handle your tax preparation or if you need professional eyes and keen awareness of the latest tax laws.

What’s my budget?

What can you spend on this service? Are you willing to pay more for a faster turn around? Cross your fingers that buyers’ remorse doesn’t set in should speed undermine accuracy. Can you afford to pay more for supplementary inclusive services?

Do I need more than just tax preparation?

Do you need more services? Business owners, do you have a bookkeeper you trust? Do you have year round access to a professional team that provides you with sound, timely advice? Do you have past IRS issues that you need to rectify? What about payroll help? Are you overwhelmed with managing payroll of each of your employees? Perhaps you need a team that can handle your accounting needs year round!

What choice should I make?

Now that you’ve done some self-examination, maybe an online tax service is perfect for your circumstances. Maybe you trust that tax prep office on the corner. But maybe you are overwhelmed and would like a team of qualified professionals on your side. If that’s the case, we are more than happy to help! Give us a call today to schedule a free-of-charge tax consultation so that we can get started on your accounting needs.

Whatever you decide, be alert to how your information is handled and be open-minded to change your method whenever your needs do change.

Happy filing!