Are you a bookkeeping client? If so, how often do you talk to your bookkeeper? Once a week? Once a month? Once a year? 

Your relationship with your bookkeeper should be of utmost importance to you as he or she is your closest financial confidant. 

So how can you forge and maintain a strong relationship with your bookkeeper? See our bookkeeping team’s tips below: 

  1. Try to respond to our e-mails or phone calls as soon as possible. Even if you just let us know you’ve seen it, we’d appreciate it! The quicker your response, the faster we can help!
  2. Get us online access. We need online access to ALL bank accounts and credit cards. Be sure to alert us should you open any new accounts or credit cards as well.
  3. Provide us with loan documents and loan statements. This will help us keep more accurate records.
  4. Let us know before you close a bank account. Before you close a bank account we need to make sure we have all statements & downloaded transactions.  We can also help you determine if you have outstanding checks that will bounce if you close the account.
  5. Try to get W-9s before you pay service providers. If you get them immediately, then you won’t have to scramble for them later!
  6. Keep us in the loop when giving out bonuses to employees. Make sure these bonuses go through payroll and not in cash or by check without letting us know.
  7. Voice questions or concerns regarding the reports you have received and/or the service we are providing. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! So please, let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you better understand and manage the financials of your business!

Get started on building a friendship with your bookkeeper and click here to get to know our bookkeeping team!