As the days continue to feel colder, many succumb to seasonal depression, or the winter blues. On top of that, the current pandemic is forcing many to work from home.

Under the current circumstances, how can you cope? Try the following tips:

1. Focus on the benefits of remote work

A time long, long ago, you may have longed for the opportunity to work from home. But now that there seems to be no end in sight, your excitement for the provision may have diminished.

To help, think of the alternatives. If you weren’t working from home, you’d have to commute on those miserably frigid, snowy days. Remember the dread you felt as you prepared to leave the house during the cold, winter mornings? But for many of you, you’ll now get a winter off from making that stressful commute.

By focusing on the benefits of your current situation, you can overcome the winter blues!

2. Take the lead in positivity

If you are a business owner or work with a team, try to take the lead with a positive spirit. You might share uplifting news, pictures of the family or beautiful winter scenery. Even small efforts you make in this regard can boost the mood of the people you work with.

3. Exercise and get some fresh air

Although the desire to work out often dwindles during the winter months, exercising can have a powerful impact on your productivity. It raises energy levels and combats fatigue, making you more effective at your work.

Try to set aside time to exercise before or after work. If you can, take your lunch outside to get some fresh air and encourage your employees to do the same. You’ll soon begin to notice a strong improvement in the overall productivity and well-being of you and your team!

4. Personalize your workspace

When you walk into your workspace, how do you feel?

An ideal workspace should motivate and inspire. Adapt your space to your needs – would you benefit from a standing desk or a standard one? Do you need brighter lights or does a softer light make you more comfortable? Do pops of color in your space bring you joy or do you prefer more neutral tones? Taking these factors into consideration can transform you into a happy and industrious worker despite the season!

Will you try one or more of these steps? If you do, leave a comment! Share pictures of your workspace with us on Instagram or Facebook by tagging us @alfanocpa! We’d love to see how you’re combatting the winter blues in your business!