1. SLACK

Cost: Free – $15 per user/month. This is the Alfano & Company Team’s main communication tool, both in and out of the office. Instead of dialing a coworkers extension and waiting for them to answer, Slack enables us to instantly message and respond to one another. It’s especially useful if our team members are out of the office or working from home. Whether you want to share an important file or a funny GIF to your work family, Slack is the perfect app to keep you connected! 



Cost: $10-$60/month. Even if you have an accountant, it’s beneficial to have an orderly way of keeping track of your cash flow, invoicing customers, managing bills, or your employee’s time. It’s a vital, easy-to-use accounting tool that we use everyday! 




Cost: Free – $14/month. Do you have clients overseas or a large network of connections? With Skype, we can make calls and stay connected at a low cost.





Cost: Starting at $25, then varies depending on number of users. This app is Organization 101. You can create lists, set reminders, add collaborators, and so much more! It’s also virtually accessible from any device with a seamless syncing system. We’ve consolidated those post-its scattered all over our desks with just one app! 



Cost: Varies. Square helps you to get paid fast with its point of sale system, which includes real-time inventory management and sales reporting and analytics. 



Cost: Free – $70/year. Aka “Your Second Brain.” As you can tell from the multiple organization-related apps on this list, we really feel that there is no limit to how organized you and your business can be! If you’re not ready to commit to any monthly payments, though, Evernote’s free version is great to declutter your work life!




Cost: Free – $20/user/month. We use Dropbox to share files and folders within the office and with clients. Plus, the more friends you invite, the more free storage you get! 






Cost: Free – $9/user/month. Now that the 2018 Tax Law changes are in effect, it can be a nuisance to track all of your expenses and categorize them accordingly. With Expensify, you can take pictures of all your receipts and it’ll automatically read and decode them, then add the amounts to an expense report so you don’t have to. It makes your personal bookkeeping both fast and easy!



Cost: $10- $30/month. Let’s face it – we live in a digital age where face-to-face contact is increasingly considered time consuming and unnecessary. But still, this kind of interaction is considered to be the “most effective form of communication.” Joinme helps you experience the benefits of face-to-face contact without the hassle of traveling to meet business partners, clients, and prospects!



Cost: Free – $199/month. About 51% of businesses use some form of email marketing automation. Why? Because by 2020, the number of email users is expected to exceed 3 billion. That means that nearly half of the population uses email, so you should too! Mailchimp is an efficient and easy way to keep all of your clients updated with announcements, products, and news with the click of a button.  We use it all the time!



11. WAZE

Cost: Free. For all those business meetings you need help getting to on time, Waze is the way to go! 







Cost: $15 – $69/month. It’s time to get those receipts out of the shoebox! Scan and organize receipts and business cards, create expense reports, and even track your mileage with this app!