Where would you like to see your business in the future?

Thriving? Connecting to the local community? Expanding?

At Alfano & Company, we understand the need for financial advisory support to assist entrepreneurs in not only achieving present goals, but also in strategically setting future goals, destined for success. One such entrepreneur is Orlando Fernandes, owner and operator of one of our favorite lunch spots, Villa Nuova.

From Small Beginnings to a Big Future

Orlando’s love for all things culinary began during his youth. He certainly feels at home at the deli since his father owned an eater during his childhood; he sums this up by simply saying, he was “born in the deli.”  As a young man, he worked with a Sicilian family at their restaurant where he gained most of his knowledge about the culinary arts and restaurant management. Undoubtedly, Orlando’s early exposure to the restaurant industry inspired him to begin his own business venture with Villa Nuova.

Villa Nuova opened its doors in November of 2005 in Cos Cob Connecticut. Today, this neighborhood deli with Italian pizzaz is busier than ever! Seeing once hungry customers leave well-fed and satisfied is a tell-tale sign of success in the restaurant industry. This, of course, brings Orlando great pride! As previously mentioned, Villa Nuova is an Alfano & Company Team favorite! Whether we’re craving a hot panini or a gourmet sandwich, we truly savor this little taste of Italy. But what if you have guests to feed? Villa Nuova also provides excellent catering services!

What does Orlando believe contributes to his success? As an Alfano & Company client, he feels he’s been “directed in the right direction [to] make right decisions” with regards to running his business. We provide Villa Nuova with bookkeeping, tax, and advisory services to ensure Orlando spends more time doing what he loves while running his business. Furthermore, during regular business advisory sessions, our firm’s owner and CPA, David Alfano, discussed the fiscal potential he saw in Villa Nuova with Orlando, giving him timely encouragement to expand his realm of goals.

What’s next on the menu for this thriving deli?

Expansion with a new restaurant is on the horizon! Our team, as well as the rest of the Greenwich Community, certainly looks forward to the day when this second deli makes its grand opening. We’re certainly excited to continue providing financial advisory to support to this local institution, along with any of Orlando’s future ventures!

If you’re hungry and in the Greenwich area, click here to check out the menu at Villa Nuova; if you can’t choose see our recommendations below!

Alfano & Company’s Favorites:

  • David: Chicken Parmigiana
  • Micalah: Eggplant Parmigiana
  • Evelyn & Wendy: Marco Polo
  • Mike & Sarah: Orlando Furioso
  • Liana: Don Tommaso
  • Nicky: Nicky Surprise
  • Cynthia: Il Paesano
  • Alba: Villa Nuova

What About Your Business?

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