As an accounting firm catering to business owners, one of our greatest delights is witnessing the ambition and talent of our clients and the way it leads to their success.  One note-worthy example is the husband and wife team of Jennifer and James Vellano, subjects of this month’s Client Spotlight.

Food is Love

After honing their skills as private chefs and at restaurants such as Blue Hill and Per Se in New York City, the duo started their first business: Maison Privé a boutique catering company, right here in Greenwich, CT.  Maison Privé provides event and corporate catering along with highly customizable private home delivery.  With menus distinctive and unique (and delicious!), they found their drive and original inspiration from the exhilaration of serving people and making them happy; after all, food is love!  Woven in with their passion for tasty, seasonal food is a dedication to the value of supporting sustainable, organic and regenerative farming techniques.

All artists, including those in the culinary field, must continue to find new inspiration if they wish to grow and thrive.  The Vellanos are no exception; Jennifer says, “New inspiration is found through watching our young children love and appreciate all food.  We realized that if children in other countries, as well as our own, grow up eating sushi, curry, caviar, raw oysters… that should be normal for our kids’ taste buds.  They’ve never had chicken nuggets!”

Feeding Their Hometown

The ambition of James & Jennifer did not stop with the birth of Maison Privé.  Instead they strove to stretch their talents and do even more of what they love.  In 2015 they opened their second business, G.E. Brown Fine Food and Provisions in Bedford, NY.  Driven to bring healthy, delicious food into the homes of their friends, family and neighbors in their hometown, they opened this storefront to offer breakfast and counter items, grab and go prepared food, specialty items and a coffee bar – all with the same dedication to seasonality and sustainability so inherent in the fabric of their accomplishments.  Additionally, with the opening of GE Brown the Vellanos are working to bring back an old-fashioned, time honored approach to the slow-food movement by offering both an early morning coffee spot and place with family friendly options for healthy and delicious food in their small town.

Their Latest Venture

The most recent addition to their list of achievements is opening Something Natural on Greenwich Avenue with business partner Seth Hirschel earlier this year.  Famous for their house-made Portuguese bread, the original iconicsandwich shop of the same name has become a legend for locals and tourists over its 50 years on the island of Nantucket.  Hirschel and the Vellanos are proud to have brought a small slice of Nantucket to Greenwich.

For all their success the Vellanos credit the help they’ve received from their mentors along the way; notably, they’ve worked for great chefs such as Thomas Keller, Dan Barber, Danile Boulud, and Mike Anthony.

How do we, here at Alfano & Company, feel seeing the success of James & Jennifer?  When our clients succeed we succeed!  Seeing the Vellanos pursue their passion and work together to follow their dreams has been a delight.  We feel we can share in the joy of their journey by providing them with custom accounting services that suit their needs and propel them to growth.  With three businesses to run, creativity and talent to continually refine, and young children at home to care for – accounting is not something James & Jennifer need on their plate!  Jennifer credits the way our firm “takes care of all of [their] needs and has amazing customer service” as an aide to running their businesses.

If you, like James & Jennifer Vellano, are ambitious and passionate about your work and always challenging yourself professionally, we’d love to be on your team!  Perhaps our accounting services are right for you too!  Contact us to find out more information about what we can do for you.