The majority of business owners like you are continuing to cope with the ramifications of the COVID pandemic. To assist those struggling to gain their footing, Instagram has released new updates that can be of help to your business at this time.

Instagram has truly become a business owner’s paradise. The platform has become a space for small business owners to not only sell, but to also personally connect with potential customers. It is this ability to foster an emotional connection with customers that truly makes these new features especially useful.

Instagram Stories

Depending on your industry or business type, Instagram has made the following stickers available for use on your Instagram Stories to foster engagement that turns into profit:

Support Small Businesses

Adding this sticker to your own story will share the business’ three most recent Instagram posts to a shared Instagram story. You can use it for your own business or encourage others to use it to promote themselves. Your loyal customers can even use this in their own stories to promote your company to their followers. This further adds awareness to your brand, like free advertising!

Gift Cards

gift cards  sticker

By using the Gift Cards sticker you can partner with companies such as Gift Up!, Square, and Toast to help customers buy gift cards for your business with ease. The easier the gift card purchasing process is, the more cards people will buy, which means greater profit for you!

Order Food

food orders stickerThe Food Orders sticker enables customers to order food from your restaurant using DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates and other online delivery services with the tap of a finger. Imagine a

customer stumbling upon your account on Instagram and then instantly having them place an order right there within the app!

Personal & Business Accounts

Whether you’re scrolling through your feed or responding to your direct messages, Instagram unveiled a new feature to help you toggle between your personal and business accounts with ease.

Even if you are deep in your direct messages, you can simply click on your account name to switch to another account you own. This ability ensures that you keep customers informed of your business’ updates without the hassle of constantly having to sign in and out of your account.

Other apps, like Facebook, Google My Business, and Linkedin have likewise made adjustments to their respective platforms during this time, so stay tuned for future blog posts!

If you feel that your business is struggling or that you were unprepared for the unprecedented times we’re in, reach out to us. We can work with you to devise a plan that will help you to grow and stabilize your business!