NAAD CENTER aims to promote a healthier way of living through an increased awareness and understanding of one’s body, mind and spirit; embracing and better understanding the energy and experiences taking place around us; connecting more authentically with ourselves and knowing who we truly are and how to influence and manifest what we want in our lives.”

Alfano & Company provides tax, accounting and advisory services for many local businesses like NAAD Center, founded by Catherine Polisi Jones.Catherine Polisi Jones, Founder of NAAD Center

Based in North Stamford, Connecticut, NAAD CENTER is a therapeutic healing center that utilizes holistic methods to reduce stress and anxiety and promote health for kids and adults. These ancient holistic therapies, practices and modalities have been used for thousands of years to bring the body, mind and soul back into balance and the ideal healing state.

The Birth of NAAD Center

“I opened NAAD CENTER as a service to our local community,” Catherine tells us, “to provide an alternative to allopathic medicine and to teach individuals various ways to self heal using ancient healing techniques and tools. NAAD was a natural evolution of my own personal transformation that occurred after I began meditating and studying Kundalini Yoga Meditation.

“After much introspection and personal work, I realized that one of my primary purposes here on Earth is to help others learn these ancient techniques so that they can be empowered to listen to their own bodies and intuition for guidance in life and health and be the source of their own personal transformation to feel fulfilled, energetically balanced and excited about life.”

NAAD Center launched in March 2020 – the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. As you can imagine, starting a new venture during a time when so many businesses were closing posed many challenges. Fortunately, Catherine knew the benefit of working with a CPA and Financial Advisor.

“David Alfano helped navigate the business during COVID-19 and we have now emerged stronger than ever!”

Since then, the team at Alfano & Company has continued to provide bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services for NAAD Center including, monthly reconciliation of bank accounts, monthly preparation and filing of sales tax returns and annual 1099 reporting.

Methods + Services

NAAD center offers a diverse range of services that promote a healthier way of living and to treat a variety of ailments and conditions.

BODYWORK SESSIONS: for healing chronic pain and injuries and releasing trauma from the body

MEDITATION & BREATHWORK CLASSES: Kundalini Meditation and Breathwork classes that release anxiety and stress from the body and draw in healing forms of prana (breath) to promote health and mental and emotional balance

NAAD Serpentine circleENERGY & INTUITIVE HEALING SESSIONS: (Sekhem Egyptian Energy Healing, Sound & Vibrational Therapy, Medical Intuitive Readings, Astrology Readings, Shamanism, Qi Gong) To help the nervous system heal and reduce anxiety, sleeplessness and depression, increase intuition and better understand your life purpose and path

HYPNOTHERAPY SESSIONS: To bring an end to unhealthy patterns, such as addiction, and step into new healthier patterns that serve your greatest and highest good

The Practitioners

“Our collective of practitioners believe the medicine of tomorrow is energy medicine and your body has the ability to heal itself when fully empowered and informed.”

The healing practitioners at NAAD center are leaders in their respective fields. They work collaboratively with clients to bring their bodies back into balance and resonance so that they not only feel their best, but also are more connected with others and their experience of daily life.

Hours + Location

NAAD Center offers services at the North Stamford center, as well via Zoom and remotely at the offices of each NAAD practitioner. To schedule a specific service or participate in a group class or event, please go to the NAAD CENTER website and click on SERVICES, CLASSES or EVENTS.

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