Team Spotlight: Sarah Cinquegrana

“Details create the big picture.”

~Sanford I. Weill.

Indeed, there are no such things as “minor details.” Whether we consider a painting, an organization, or even a job description, each unique detail merges together to form, what Weill would call, “the big picture.”

At Alfano & Company, Sarah Cinquegrana’s detail-oriented nature is especially vital in her areas of expertise.

“It’s all in the details…”

As an Alfano & Company Staff Accountant, Sarah’s responsibilities include tax preparation, bookkeeping, and contributes to the resolution of notices received by our clients. Of course, simply listing these roles is insignificant when compared to the actual tasks involved in fulfilling each position. As each aspect of her job description is explained, can you spot Sarah’s detail-oriented nature reflected in her work?

Bookkeeping: Sarah began her time at Alfano & Company as a bookkeeper. This role involves analyzing various documents for our clients, such as Profit & Loss reports, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements. Sarah doesn’t simply gather data and develop reports, though; rather, she ensures that everything, down to each and every transaction, is classified correctly and appropriately.

Tax Preparation: Of course, the height of tax season is when Sarah spends virtually all of her time working on the client tax returns. What’s her process? Sarah tells us, “First, I take a look at all of the documents they gave me and enter them into our tax software. Then, I compare the information they provided us with last year to this year’s to see if we are missing any important documents.” This year-to-year comparison has definitely served to assist many of our clients by ensuring nothing is missed!

Correspondence with Taxing Authorities: Sarah analyzes each notice that a client receives and forwards to our office. With guidance from a Senior Accountant, her role involves researching the purpose of the notice and determining its accuracy. She will help develop and follow through regarding any action required to resolve the matter. This may involve drafting a response on behalf of the firm, but always includes contacting the client to walk them through the process of getting the notice resolved. You read that right, a walk through! Sarah takes a keen interest in personally assisting all of our clients by reducing the stress that comes with getting a notice in the mail!

Enjoy the details 

What does Sarah enjoy about her job? She tells us, “I love bookkeeping and analyzing reports. These reports give me an accurate snapshot of a company. I find it very interesting that by pulling these reports we can easily help our clients see categorically how their business is running and how their expenses affect their cash flow.”

Sarah also makes sure to enjoy the details of her life outside of the office. Traveling and spending time with friends and family are where she creates wonderful memories and treasured moments. She also sets aside hours each month participating in a volunteer education work specifically for the Deaf. Sarah’s demeanor inside and outside of the office exudes genuine concern and an eagerness to assist wherever and whenever necessary.

Undoubtedly, having someone as detail-oriented as Sarah analyzing your financial reports and documents is a must! Click here for more details on how Sarah and the rest of the Alfano & Company team can help you!