Team Spotlight: Wendy Gonzalez

Let’s face it – daily managing your financials and keeping track of all tax related documents and duties can be quite stressful. We’ve all been there! That’s why at Alfano & Company, we strive to make any and all interactions with our clients as pleasant as possible. How? We believe an administrative team should be professional, personable, and perceptive to the needs of customers. Our team is always equipped and eager to assist all of our clients. Thus, we’d like to use this opportunity to turn the spotlight on one of our valued administrative team members, Wendy Gonzalez.

Wendy At The Office

Wendy has been an integral part of the administrative team at Alfano & Company for over one year! Over the course of this year, she has enjoyed assisting and truly getting to know many of our clients. Whether she is scheduling appointments or gathering needed information for bookkeepers and tax preparers, Wendy puts high priority on delivering the best customer service. She beams with pride when she witnesses our entire administrative team uniting to respond attentively to client needs.

At Alfano & Company, we believe there is no cap on education. Each team member is consistently striving to learn more about their position and how their role works in tandem with the roles of those around them in order to improve the quality of our services. How does Wendy continue to grow in her field of work? She explains, “Alfano & Company has been providing me with ongoing training…regarding accounting principles and technologies.” Wendy is involved in weekly accounting classes and various continuing education courses. This has enhanced her ability to lend a helping hand to the clients she interacts with on a daily basis. She says, “Having this education allows me to provide better service to clients at Alfano and Company.  Knowing bookkeeping terms and what is involved when preparing a tax return allows me to answer client questions and make sure we have what we need from them to provide our services.”

Aside from emphasizing continuous education for an efficient and effective work environment, we also treasure team work to maintain high morale. Wendy says, “I enjoy working with a group of people that are dedicated and fun. The collaborative environment is great here. Everyone’s role is important and valued. It has been a great experience to learn and grow from.”

Wendy After Hours

Where can you find Wendy when she’s not helping clients at the office? It’s very likely she’s helping people in our community! Wendy has been involved in a volunteer work for at least 10 years and takes pleasure in reaching out to those in need. She also appreciates spending time with her friends and family and engaging in various exciting activities such as trying a new latte flavor, catching a movie, thrift shopping or exploring a new city! She says “…I’m happy if I’m with good people and in good conversation.” We appreciate Wendy for this!

Does this sound like the staff of the firm you’re currently using? If not, how would you like to interact with knowledgeable, friendly people who are dedicated to taking care of your personal financial needs?

We pride ourselves in attentively caring for each and every one of our clients.

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Alfano & Company Team
Alfano & Company Team

Alfano & Company Team Spotlight: Mike Haydin

Alfano and Company believes strategic planning is the key to business success. Let’s liken this to the building of the English Channel. This tunnel is truly a wonder of the world- of its 31 mile length, 23.5 are under water. An idea that was born in 1802 faced many obstacles and roadblocks before its completion in 1994. However once team work and detailed planning were implemented, the immense project was under way. After 6 years of  Tunnel Boring Machines breaking through chalk marl, the French and the English were able to meet in the middle. How could this have succeeded if the boring machines were off even slightly? No doubt careful planning and follow up were required to ensure that goals were accomplished. How can your business benefit from an approach like this? We are sure our very own Mike Haydin can help your business bore through the challenges and achieve your goals!

Mike Haydin is Alfano & Company’s Manager of all tax and accounting operations. Previously he has held the role of Staff Accountant and Senior Accountant. While performing business accounting and tax work he’s been able to help clients achieve financial, business, and personal goals.  He helps individuals and businesses to tax plan or organize their financial affairs to pay the least amount of tax legally possible. IRS problem resolution is a very major part of Michael’s assisting and essentially, protecting clients. He is authorized to prepare any and all tax returns and can represent any individual or business before the IRS in case of an audit or any other correspondence.

What has helped Mike, become the knowledgeable and dependable professional that he is today?  He states, ” I …have an accounting degree and am currently an Enrolled Agent [giving me] unlimited practice rights before the IRS. Of course, neither of these things is as useful as the 7 years of experience I now have; it really is the best teacher!” In addition, Mike keeps up with the tax times by reading technical journals that highlight law updates and recent court decisions. Kiplinger Tax Letter stands out as a favorite read. Throughout the year Mike is in on webinars provided by various continuing education programs (these are required to maintain his designation of Enrolled Agent). The education and training he has received gives him a strong knowledge of the tax law and ability to apply it to various theoretical scenarios. This proves to be invaluable to the client receiving tax planning services.

On a Sunday afternoon Mike may be found watching Formula 1 racing. This is a newly revived interest that inspires him in his daily life. How so? Mike explains,”Watching these teams succeed constantly impresses on me the importance of making small, incremental progress; if the entire team is looking and making small improvements the result is disproportionate progress – it really is more than just the sum of its parts! I view what we do [at Alfano & Company] very similarly: if you aren’t making constant progress you’re actually moving backwards and time is going to leave you behind…the important thing is to move in the right direction.” We completely agree.

Where do you see your business in 5 years? What do you need to do today to get there? With a solid plan, you will succeed. The minds behind the building of the English Channel had a plan that helped them do the unthinkable of their time. If you have a proactive advisor, like Mike, on your side, you can rest assured your goals will be achieved. You’ll see growth and improvement in your business like never before. Contact us if you want to grow, thrive and succeed.