Why We Blog and Why You Should Too!

What comes to mind when you think of a blogger? A millennial in a coffee shop with their laptop and camera writing about the sites bustling around them? Okay, blogging goes way back people!

In 1994, the first official web-blog was written by Justin Hall, though it wasn’t referred to as such until 1997 by Jorn Barger. Then Peter Merholz made the term snazzy in 1999 by shortening the term to: ‘blog’, just ‘blog’.

News journalists and politicians used blogging as a forum to reach millions of readers.  This has been an opportunity to express views and in depth reports on topics briefly covered in the media. We are a CPA Firm. So, why do we take the time to blog?movie Dunkirk

81% of US consumers trust blogs for advice. We want to be a resource for our clients and the general public. We want people to feel they can count on us for valuable, practical tips with a bit of levity that can help them in their business and finances. Of course we recognize that a tax firm specializes in a topic most people don’t enjoy. Our aim is to break various aspects of taxes down to size.

Why should you blog? Whatever kind of business you have, being an expert in your category speaks volumes. Also being relatable keeps customers coming back for more! Enjoy writing! Enjoy connecting! Oh, and enjoy reading 45 Reasons You Should Blog!

Laura Boykins Marketing Coordinator

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